As a butcher I’ve always taken great pride in where my meats are sourced from.  Below you can see the care taken to provide these free range pigs with as much freedom as possible as it both ensures the pigs have a good quality of life but also reflects on the quality of meat. This is mainly down to having free roam to forage the forest floor allowing a healthy diet and also more space to move, meaning more activity and lowering any levels of stress.  Again from being a British butcher for over 25years I also see to be important that our meats are sourced locally.  These pigs are about as local as possible, being bred by my sister, the Lewis family of Tip house Farm, Kinlet, Shropshire.  The Lewis family have been brought up with a farming background taking great care in all their livestock for over 50 years


Severn Valley Roasts have been catering since 1994 specializing in Pig Roasts and Barbecue meats.  We are caterers who specialize in the traditional way of catering, at the same time adhering to modern food standards and regulations.

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