pig roast prices

We can cater for more than 200 guests and will quote per event.


Please contact us at your convenience and we will provide you with a quote tailored to your needs -


All prices are subject to a travelling charge and a deposit is payable upon booking



Hiring pig roast machine  prices

We can supply bread & trimmings:


Bread Rolls - 25p each

Tray Of Apple £18.00

Tray Of Stuffing £18.00


Leaf Salad, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Rice Salad £20.00 per bowl. Serves 25 People.

We Can Deliver & Collect -


Can also cater for smaller amounts of guests with Meat Joints, Please Contact.


Spit Special: from £350


Cooked pig only. On a spit in a transportable oven (gas and serving tray included).


 This option is for collection and return, so you would need a suitable van or trailer.


A Spit Special at £350 would serve approx. 60 people based on 2 rolls per person.

Extras to accompany a pig roast

Meat Burgers =   £3.00 each

Hot Dogs =   £3.00 each

Large Salad Bowl = £20.00 each

Apple Sauce= £18.00 each

Stuffing= £18.00 each



Vegetarian Option

Burgers/ Jacket Potato = £3.00 each



For BBQ’s alone, please list your requirements and we will be more than happy to provide a quote.






Non Private/Catering Events


For events such as carnivals, shows, festivals etc, we would be happy to pay a ‘pitch fee’ , a percentage of the takings or make a donation to a cause of your choice. We would need an idea of the number of people likely to be attending the event.


We are happier to tender for an event.


Please contact for further information.


Severn Valley Roasts have been catering since 1994 specializing in Pig Roasts and Barbecue meats.  We are caterers who specialize in the traditional way of catering, at the same time adhering to modern food standards and regulations.

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